Veneziano: Just ah some quick design thingies…! Don’t worry, we will get better at this once we’re more comfortable with expanding our art styles…! If you prefer an art style, be sure to let us know~! 


Veneziano: Ve, so we’re working on some new stuff! Lately we’ve been focusing on the cute quick-draw stuff that you guys really seem to like! And for those wanting something different, well, we’re coming up with other ways to draw! Hopefully this can give us some variety! We’re still new at this and trying to come up with a style, so scusi for all of the random changes!!! But grazie mille for the added followers guys! We really appreciate it, and we’re also working on something for when we hit our first follower milestone! 

Veneziano: Uwah, we can fly now~! My wings are made of pasta~!

Romania: Yea, it’s pretty cool!


Veneziano: Romano’s good~!

Romano: ?! Why did you have to drag me over here, bastard?! Get off of me!

Romania: Moldova is good as always~ Bulgaria is…uh…. 


Veneziano: Uwah, grazie for all the new followers! We’re really thankful and we promise that later today we’ll have some content~!

Romania: Also, we’re close to reaching our first “follower milestone”, and we have something cool planned for that as well! Thanks again, guys! 

Veneziano: We love you all~! Hasta la pasta~

raise your hand if you’ve got the sweetest followers and you appreciate each and every one


*raises hand enthusiastically*

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Veneziano: B-But it’s so much work!!!

Veneziano: WAHHHH!!! F-Forgive me f-for my laziness! P-Please don’t be afraid to ask…. !

Veneziano: J-Just an average day…. N-Now someone please h-help me!!! 

Veneziano: Feel free to send asks! I’m trying not to be lazy!